Mission Statement

Who are the storytellers?

You are. This website was created to allow anyone who overcame or who is currently struggling with hard times to tell their story. We do not focus on one particular issue because we would like to have the chance to educate people on as many different issues as possible. We live in a world where everyone is constantly connected with each other through technology, but unfortunately, many people still feel alone, despite these powerful tools at hand. What we are trying to do is bring a sense of connection through the use of social media and storytelling. Compassion is our main goal: allowing others to see the struggles and progress people make in their daily lives. There is no such thing as a story that is “not good enough”. Everyone has something valuable to teach someone. Celebrate your small battles, because they could result to something much bigger. Sharing stories is the best way to break stigmas surrounding all kinds of issues, and providing a platform to tell these stories allows people to realize that everyone is human, everyone has hard times, everyone struggles, everyone gets sad, and everyone can learn, grow, and make it through.

You are not alone.

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