Meet The Team

Trisha Rolfe

photo by Sarah Paterson
Founder of the Storyteller

Trisha Rolfe is a Child and Youth Care Master’s level graduate from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. You can catch her singing and dancing to Sia and creating macrame creations for fun. You can typically find her at Starbucks, listening to Florence and the Machine, and hanging out with her cat named Antonio. She has a passion for mental health awareness, LGBTQ+ issues, Indigenous rights, and art in all different forms. Trisha is constantly looking for ways to reach out and advocate for many different populations; education and compassion are essential to her. If you see her on the street you may mistake her for Lorde, but don’t hesitate to say hi!

Jamie Lupia-Townson

Writer & illustrator

Jamie is an artist who graduated from Brock University with a double major in creative writing and labour studies. The two fields of studies are tied together with activism and social change. The reason Jamie is involved in this project is because she is passionate about story-telling in all forms. She believes the only true way to keep people alive and hopeful and asking “what’s next?” is to tell stories.




3 thoughts on “Meet The Team

  1. Caroline

    I love love love this concept. I know I’m not the first one to say this, but I feel like we live in a culture that is very segregated in a way. We distance ourselves through our technology and we miss out on the chance to make meaningful connections with people. To me, that’s what life is about, making meaningful connections. The less connected to the world around me, the less I want to be involved in it. and that’s an awful pattern to get into. I really like this idea you guys have come up with. Because there are people out there who are yearning for that connection, and this looks like the place to find it. Kudos to you guys!! Honestly, I love this concept. I’ve been looking for something like this to get involved in. If I could in any way get involved in this, I would love to.


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