What do you do?
The storyteller is a social media outlet designed to share anecdotal experiences to provide a source of education and empathy for all. We aren’t about any specific issue; we promote understanding and sharing of all sorts of stories and opinions to bring diverse problems and struggles into the public eye.

What are the stories about?
Whatever our submitters would like to share. Often times our submissions relate to mental health issues, medical struggles, or social justice issues, but we don’t limit what stories or educational posts we will share. As long as they are told in a respectful way we will feature them on our website to spread awareness.

Why did you start this?
I came up with the idea when I realized I learned a lot about diverse issues and empathy from hearing other people’s personal stories. I wanted to create an outlet that could educate people on problems that they may not hear about everyday to create an open and understanding community. I also understand how hard it may be to open up to someone and giving a platform to do so anonymously allows people to vocalize their thoughts and struggles to help cope and celebrate their strengths and personal battles.

Is a story about ______ acceptable?
As long as your story isn’t told in a racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, ablist, sanist, or discriminatory way, it will be shared! We don’t accept stories based on topics, we want to showcase your strengths, struggles, and growth in whatever forms it may take!

Do you post poetry or other art forms?
Yes! We would love to showcase poetry, songs, or art that means something important to you and your personal journeys.

How do I submit?
If you would like to submit a story you can either visit our wordpress page (www.thestorytellerweb.wordpress.com/submit) and follow the form there, submit through tumblr (www.thestorytellerweb.tumblr.com) or submit directly to our gmail (thestorytellerweb@gmail.com) We do ask if you submit via email to specify if you want to remain anonymous or what you would like your story to be associated with (for example, first name last name, just first name, nickname, etc).


Didn’t answer your question? Email us at thestorytellerweb@gmail.com


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