Have you submitted a story before?

Now you have a chance to have it published in a book we are creating called “Safe Haven”. We are really excited about it and really want you to be too. It is a cool opportunity to have your stories in a whole new kind of accessible medium. Though we are accepting NEW submissions, we are really in love with our older submissions. We have some amazing, well-written, heartfelt posts on here. And we want them included.

To have your previously submitted story in the book simply send carolinianpublishing@gmail.com an email with your name, a link to the story, whether you want it anonymous or not and we will send you back the contract (nothing scary!).

Thank you storytellers.



We are working on a published book of submissions entitled “SAFE HAVEN”. As we are accepting new submissions, poetry, photography, and art work, we also want to include and publish work that has been submitted at any point in our blog’s history. That includes anonymous and non-anonymous submissions. If you have shared your story and want to be included, each storyteller will receive one free copy of the book when it comes out. You will also be able to say you are a published writer! If you want to share your story that you have already submitted, please email carolinianpublishing@gmail.com THREE THINGS!

1. Your name and whether you want to be anonymous or not.

2. The link to your story.

3. Permission to edit grammatical and spelling errors.


Thank you soooo so much for your constant love and support and we are so excited to have a chance to publish and share your stories. This is a great opportunity to have your story in a physical format for people to easily reflect on and we hope you share yours.


If you haven’t yet submitted but want to, please submit on thestorytellerweb.wordpress.com, or email carolinianpublishing@gmail.com with your name, anonymous status, link to your story (or new story!) and then permission to grammatically correct your piece. You will then receive a contract statement and your name will be recorded by Carolinian Publishing to receive a copy (anonymous or not). The deadline for all submissions both old and new is March 1st. We are hoping to have the book distributed to local coffee shops and venues for sale, as well as hold an event where people can read parts of their story, or their favourite stories during an open mic night.

Much love,
The Storyteller 🙂